In the world of management consulting, few topics remain underexplored. Impostor syndrome is one such area, despite its widespread attention.

Global thought leader Dr. Valerie Young and Impostor Syndrome Institute (ISI) are offering the unique collaboration opportunity for a world-class management consulting firm to investigate the impact of impostor syndrome in the workplace.

The High Cost of Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome isn’t just an “interesting self-help topic.” Its effects extend beyond individuals to teams and organizations more broadly.

Self-limiting behaviors include procrastination, overworking/over preparing, and holding back. These and other behaviors associated with impostor syndrome not only hinder professional growth but become an expensive problem for organizations as well.

Specifically, impostor syndrome has the potential to negatively impact profitability in five key areas: retention, advancement, productivity, innovation, and health & well-being.

This status quo comes at a steep price —individually, organizationally, and societally.

Study Goals

The proposed research seeks to illuminate:

  • the prevalence of impostor syndrome-driven behaviors in the workplace
  • key differences based on gender, field, job function, or organizational level
  • the measurable effect of these behaviors on organizational success

Anticipated Impact

1) Drive Transformation Provide senior leaders with key data needed to design and implement systemic change

2) Tailor Interventions Lead to more targeted interventions including organizational and management consulting, leadership development, psychological safety, and DEI efforts

3) Lead the Way Position our research partner as being with Impostor Syndrome Institute on the forefront of organizational solutions to impostor syndrome

Learn More

Download “The Costs of Impostor Syndrome in the Workplace” to determine if a study partnership might be right for your firm.

This white paper includes:

  • Origin(s) & evolution
  • Organizational impact
  • 5 demonstrated markets
  • 7 key demographic & other trends
  • Shifts in popular narratives
  • About Impostor Syndrome Institute
  • Next steps & timeline
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