Everyone loses when bright people play small.

—Dr. Valerie Young

Millions of capable people around the world — men and women — secretly worry they’re not as bright, talented or qualified as everyone thinks they are.

It’s called impostor syndrome — and Dr. Valerie Young’s Rethinking Impostor Syndrome solution is the cure.


Studies by Gail Matthews, KMPG, Kajabi and Dropbox/School of Life found that 70-84% of people experience impostor syndrome.

CEOs and entry-level professionals, PhDs and first year college students, engineers and entrepreneurs, nurses and artists and many more report experiencing impostor feelings at some point in their life.

Impostor syndrome* is especially common among groups who experience social stereotypes about competence or intelligence and the pressure to represent their entire group.

Left unchecked, impostor syndrome is costly not only for individuals, but for their organizations as well.

* The term impostor phenomenon was coined in 1978. Despite references to impostor “syndrome” appearing as early as 1981 and its popular use today, it is not a psychological condition or diagnosis of any kind.

How can we help you?

I’d like to:


Get solutions for your own impostor feelings


Bring a highly practical, solution-oriented approach to address impostor syndrome in the workplace


Train your internal team to share a vetted solution that’s been delivered to over half a million people around the world


Learn directly from Valerie Young and boost your revenue as a speaker on this high-demand topic

Effectively Coach my Clients

Get trained as a Rethinking Impostor Syndrome™ Coach

NOTE: If you happen to be Michelle Obama (or can make a personal introduction), we’d love to partner with you to stamp out impostor syndrome!

Impostor Syndrome Institute

Impostor Syndrome Institute (ISI) is the official provider of information, insight and tools to organizations and individuals since 1982.

ISI was co-founded by Dr. Valerie Young, widely recognized as the foremost expert on impostor syndrome, and Carolyn Herfurth, a leading business growth strategist with experience that cuts across Fortune 500s, mid-sized businesses and independents such as speakers, thought leaders and small business owners.

Our Mission is Simple: Stamp Out Impostor Syndrome

Rethinking Impostor Syndrome™ (RIS) is the name of our proven educational solution that has been delivered to over 500,000 people around the world.

Its vetted content is the basis for all of our keynotes/workshops, facilitator training for organizations, speaker licensing and coach certification training.

And our strong commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity in all forms is woven throughout all of our solutions.

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