Your current (and future) clients worry they’re not as qualified, intelligent, or talented as others “think” they are.

Learn how to support them with our newly updated eBook, The Impostor Syndrome Crash Course for Coaches™.

Discover the tools & the knowledge you actually need to help your clients recognize their impostor feelings and behaviors:


Navigate the Misinformation Maze & Empower Your Clients

Inside, you’ll discover the: 

  • Common coping mechanisms your clients may use to manage the anxiety of impostor feelings
  • Costs and consequences of impostor syndrome
  • Importance of recognizing patterns and exploring their context when dealing with impostor syndrome
  • …and more

At Impostor Syndrome Institute, our mission is to address impostor syndrome’s (totally avoidable) impact on individuals and organizations via Humble Realist™ thinking. Learn what you need to know to support your clients as they work through their own impostor feelings. 

Welcome to Impostor Syndrome Institute™!

We’re so glad you’ve found us! Here at Impostor Syndrome Institute™, we pride ourselves on providing information, insight, and tools for coaches, consultants, and other professionals who encounter impostor syndrome as they work with their clientele.

Co-founded by Dr. Valerie Young, an internationally-recognized expert on impostor syndrome since 1983, and Carolyn Herfurth, a leading business growth strategist. 

ISI’s mission is to provide information, insight, resources, and tools that effectively address normal impostor feelings. Our proven solutions are designed to support people at any level, whether you’re a coach, individual contributor, or CEO.

ISI is filled with passionate impostor syndrome educators, coaches, and consultants who understand that it is not just an “interesting self-help topic” but a bottom-line issue.

Unsure how to coach that client you suspect is experiencing impostor syndrome? 

This ebook will help address your clients’ impostor feelings:

Impostor Syndrome Institute™ training programs are based on the work of the world’s leading expert on impostor syndrome, Dr. Valerie Young

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